[Talk-GB] Amazon Logistics edits

Andy Robinson ajrlists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 08:35:36 UTC 2019

I've just looked at a number of Amazon Logistics in my local area. A lot of
service roads are getting added which on face value look perhaps to be
driveways but that tag hasn't been added. Just stinks of armchair mapping.
The users (three I spotted off the bat) all have the following   "I work for
Amazon Logistics. At Amazon Logistics, we've been utilizing OSM in some
cases related to our delivery programs. In connection with those delivery
programs, we have collected information that we think is valuable to the OSM
community such as names and info about new roads that are not currently in
the map today, new data on turn restrictions, and road connectivity, to name
a few. When we hear feedback, we've been editing to provide that information
for the benefit of the entire OSM user community. If you have more
questions, please contact osm-edit-escalations at amazon.com" in their username
profiles but there is no link to what's really going on and what the basis
of the edits are.

Anyone else have concerns over benefits?


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