[Talk-GB] Amazon Logistics edits

Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Mon Jul 29 10:31:46 UTC 2019


There is nothing wrong with adding just highway=service.

If you know that the OSM database can be improved by adding additional 
tags, then do so. (Although I note you're not too sure, yourself)

As I understand it Amazon have gpx traces from their delivery vehicles 
along roads which the general public have little or no access to. Their 
mappers having been adding good detail

Of course, they make mistakes; who doesn't. If you spot any please 
rectify or contact the mapper. I've had good feedback from them.

 From the evidence I've no "concerns".


On 29/07/2019 09:35, Andy Robinson wrote:
> I've just looked at a number of Amazon Logistics in my local area. A lot of
> service roads are getting added which on face value look perhaps to be
> driveways but that tag hasn't been added. Just stinks of armchair mapping.
> The users (three I spotted off the bat) all have the following   "I work for
> Amazon Logistics. At Amazon Logistics, we've been utilizing OSM in some
> cases related to our delivery programs. In connection with those delivery
> programs, we have collected information that we think is valuable to the OSM
> community such as names and info about new roads that are not currently in
> the map today, new data on turn restrictions, and road connectivity, to name
> a few. When we hear feedback, we've been editing to provide that information
> for the benefit of the entire OSM user community. If you have more
> questions, please contact osm-edit-escalations at amazon.com" in their username
> profiles but there is no link to what's really going on and what the basis
> of the edits are.
> Anyone else have concerns over benefits?
> Cheers
> Andy
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