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I've exchanged a number of messages with the Amazon mappers and their team
lead Jothirnadh. First of all, if anything isn't quite right then I would
encourage the person who spots it to...
a) contact the editor about it (or better if you post a comment on the
b) add tags yourself to further clarify the way (OSM is a wiki).
c) a combination of the above.

Amazon are using OpenStreetMap (great) and they are putting in some work to
improve it (great).
They've been a bit behind on widely communicating with the community, but
they are slowly getting better. They're also working in a number of
countries, where similar concerns are coming up, and they're replying in
similar ways. They are keen to learn and do better.

Communication certainly helps people get better. Most (all?) of us have had
something we've learnt from other mappers. Often we don't know a tag is
used, or we don't know the map data is used in a certain way.

Amazon obviously have their specific interests in mapping, but so do all of
us. You're unlikely to see me adding tags for voltage of an electricity
line, but you may see me add the pylon.

Happy mapping everyone,

On Mon, 29 Jul 2019 at 13:10, Dave F via Talk-GB <talk-gb at openstreetmap.org>

> I'm aware how construction sites work.
> Trades will occasionally have small items delivered, especially if
> specialized or in an emergency.  A foreman I know had his kid's
> Christmas present sent to site to keep the surprise.
> Please provide an OSM link to the site.
> DaveF
> On 29/07/2019 12:25, ael via Talk-GB wrote:
> > On Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 11:39:11AM +0100, Dave F wrote:
> >> Construction areas aren't inaccessible. They have constant traffic of
> >> deliveries.
> > This construction area is inaccesible for anything but large specialist
> > vehicles with all-terrain tyres. The construction workers are all
> > instructed to ask visitors to leave. There are locked gates, only
> > unlocked for construction vehicles to get through. It is a Health and
> > Safety issue, I suspect, and probably required by their insurance
> > company.  No doubt there are deliveries to the peripheral areas, but
> > that is nearly always by specialist building supplies companies with
> > suitable vehicles. I spoke informally in context, so it seems a bit
> > picky to question this. The particular roads that they marked
> > (residential, as I recall) were at that time bare ground tracks, fenced
> > off and were being used for access to other parts by the construction
> > vehicles.  Those details could not be seen on the satelite imagery which
> > happened to have very recent updates in this area.  Later they will
> > presumably be surfaced and become proper roads: the developers gave me a
> > copy of their plans.  As I recall, they are now tagged corrected as
> > construction roads.  As far as I am concerned, I don't think an access
> > tag on construction roads makes sense in any normal situation.
> > Construction implies that the access will vary over time.
> >
> >> Please provide a link.
> > The link is my personal knowledge and my regular visits on bicycle with
> > gps. I occasionally do enter such areas to get a gps trace in advance of
> > the completion of the roads, but only with great care and caution, and
> > always leave if and when asked to do so. Sometimes site-managers give me
> > permission to collect a trace when I explain what I am doing.
> >
> > Are you telling me that Amazon have driven a large non-construction
> > vehicle on these unfinished roads with locked gates and construction
> > workers around in working hours?
> >
> > ael
> >
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