[Talk-GB] Automated Code-Point Open postcode editing (simple cases only)

Andrzej ndrw6 at redhazel.co.uk
Tue Jul 30 09:56:59 UTC 2019

On 19 July 2019 17:58:58 CEST, Devonshire <maps at fortyfivekev.co.uk> wrote:
>I know that Robert is sincere in his views but the classic "don't add
>data to OSM because it will spoil someone else's enjoyment" always
>makes me chuckle. In most parts of the country the idea that the
>current cohort of mappers can add accurate address data by hand is pie
>in the sky.
>There are certainly issues with adding these postcodes to buildings in
>dense town centres but in those areas you can often find postcodes by
>other means anyway. I think adding postcodes to residential or rural
>areas from these datasets is fine but I personally wouldn't add them
>unless I had some on-the-ground knowledge of the area.

I've been thinking about it during my summer holidays (much needed step back). I strongly encourage others to add as many postcodes as they can, both manually and from Code-point open/ONS in low density areas. The latter are the only realistic and legal way of bringing OSM to a state where users of e.g. Maps.me or OsmAnd can expect a search for a postcode to usually work rather than usually fail. This is in my opinion the single most important issue individual British OSM users (who can't or don't want to purchase a Code-point license) are facing now. Having all houses tagged with postcodes, house numbers and street names is of course a noble goal but we are talking about 10M addresses that have yet to be surveyed. In contrast, a single searchable postcode is all most users need for navigation and this information is readily available now. 

I will keep updating my osm files on Github and support other mappers but I will not do more bulk postcode mapping myself. Having added well over 50k unique postcodes I am happy with the state of Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas. But doing that for the rest of the country would take a lot of effort and frankly speaking I need to readjust my priorities. 

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