[Talk-GB] postcode mapping (was Re: Automated Code-Point Open postcode editing (simple cases only))

Andrzej ndrw6 at redhazel.co.uk
Tue Jul 30 13:40:08 UTC 2019

Only postbox reference numbers, which are somewhat related to local postcodes (share the first few characters). It may still be useful to add such quest to StreetComplete.

Retail businesses and amenities tend to advertise their full addresses, including a postcode but there is no rule to that.

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On 30 July 2019 15:19:46 CEST, Mateusz Konieczny <matkoniecz at tutanota.com> wrote:
>30 Jul 2019, 11:56 by ndrw6 at redhazel.co.uk:
>> 10M addresses that have yet to be surveyed.
>Is it typical for post codes to be posted like housenumbers? Either on
>buildings or postboxes?
><https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_postcodes> is not
><http://www.livingwithdragons.com/2009/06/my-postbox-obsession> suggest
>that it may be true.
>I am asking as it may be a suitable quest for StreetComplete.
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