[Talk-GB] OSM Tool Updates

Robert Whittaker (OSM lists) robert.whittaker+osm at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 15:36:00 UTC 2019

Just a quick message to let people know about a few recent updates to
my OSM UK tools:

* I've added a new class of objects to "Survey Me!" -- a tool to help
mappers find local issues in need of a ground survey. OSM objects with
no name=* tag where one would be expected are now shown with deep blue
markers at https://osm.mathmos.net/survey/ . Details of the criteria
used (currently I'm only searching shop=* and some amenity=* objects)
and a summary of the objects found is at
https://osm.mathmos.net/nameless/ .

* Three new sets have been added to "Ghosts" -- a tool to flag up
closed or renamed shops/services: "Phones 4U" (closed but 47 remain in
OSM), "Orange and T-Mobile" (merged to become EE, but 20 remain in
OSM) and "That's Entertainment" (closed but 8 remain in OSM). More
details at https://osm.mathmos.net/ghosts/ and the objects also appear
on "Survey Me!". Thanks to mapper "lakedistrict" for the suggestions

* I've recently got an updated list of the AEDs (Defibrillators) in
the East Midlands Ambulance Service region. The new data is now in my
comparison tool at https://osm.mathmos.net/defib/progress/ .

I hope some other people find these tools useful. Please let me know
if you've got any suggestions for improvements.


Robert Whittaker

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