[Talk-GB] Bridleway or track?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 08:27:03 UTC 2019

On 04/03/19 10:22, Dave F via Talk-GB wrote:
> On 03/03/2019 22:54, Warin wrote:
>> If a field is used for a helicopter landing .. should you tag it as a 
>> heliport?
> If a one off, no, but if occasional then Helipad is appropriate in 
> that case.
>> My answer is - what is it regularly used for and is suitable for that 
>> use? Not what it could be or seldom used for.
> Please remember 'regularly' doesn't mean the same as 'frequently'. It 
> can still be 'seldom used' & regular.
> Frequency of use should have no bearing on tagging. if it's able to be 
> used for certain purpose, then it can be tagged to indicate it. It 
> doesn't have to be a primary tag.

A helicopter can land where ever there is space.
e.g. all football pitches can be used by a helicopter, therefore you 
would have all football pitches tagged as helipads?

The fact that something can be used for a certain purpose does not mean 
that it is used for that purpose.
And even if it is used for that purpose, but seldom, it may have only 
done with special permission, so it is a temporary thing - which OSM 
does not map.

>> If it has not been used for some time then disused:*=* could be useful. 
> Disused indicates an official closure, not how rarely it's used.

Err  it indicates that a feature is no longer used, but could be put 
back into use with little effort.
Nothing necessarily  'official'. If I see a shop has closed .. I do not 
know if it is 'official'. But I know it is 'disused' from the state of it.

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