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Thu Mar 7 10:19:22 UTC 2019

Hi Jon,

Apologies if this is obvious but here goes...

I don't know whether you need to do anything other than visit these places
in person and make a judgement as to whether they are trading or not. It's
usually pretty clear with closure notices posted, etc. Then update the map
accordingly by adding the appropriate disused tag:



On Thu, 7 Mar 2019 at 09:48, Jon Spriggs <jon at sprig.gs> wrote:

> Hi,
> Near where I am are some mapped businesses properties which have closed,
> primarily shops, but also a couple of restaurants.
> I'm far from an OSM expert, and my gentle trawl of the wiki hasn't given
> me any real insight. It's got me thinking, and I'd like to improve
> information about properties in my area. How can I identify that:
> a) A building holds a functioning business (that isn't a shop or
> restaurant)
> b) A building holds a functioning shop
> c) A building holds a functioning restaurant
> d) A building is a former business property (ceased trading/closed/moved)
> with no new business taking it's spot
> As a side note, I've been using Street Complete on Android. Is it worth
> asking the Street Complete developers to add information about businesses
> to their collection data, if they aren't already?
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