[Talk-GB] Survey date

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Sun Mar 10 21:27:54 UTC 2019

Every changeset has a date automatically added to it, if your survey is 
much earlier than the data you make the edit maybe it's worth noting the 

Chris Hill (chillly)

On 10/03/2019 21:24, Martin Wynne wrote:
> I'm minded to start adding
>  survey:date=
> to some of my mapping (if you can call climbing over a stile surveying 
> it). I've noticed on repeat visits that things do change quite a lot, 
> and I can't guarantee to go back and keep everything I map up to date.
> But I'm puzzled by the wiki, which says:
> "This key should only be used when providing the survey date would be 
> of some value to the OSM community, for example if the survey date 
> occurred a reasonable amount of time in the past."
> Surely end users of the map are just as likely to want to check the 
> date of something shown on the map as the "OSM community", which I 
> assume means mappers?
> And what is a "reasonable amount of time in the past", and starting 
> from when? It doesn't make sense. If I survey and map something now, 
> and it is still on the map in 10 years time, I need to have put the 
> date on it now.
> cheers,
> Martin. -- 

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