[Talk-GB] Bridleway or track?

Martin Wynne martin at templot.com
Mon Mar 11 10:50:49 UTC 2019

On 11/03/2019 08:49, phil at trigpoint.me.uk wrote:

> Access tags for a bridleway in the UK or in my experience  England and Wales should be horse=designated, foot=designated and bicycle=designated. As Andy mentioned the important tag is designation=public_bridleway.

Thanks Phil. I'm doing all that, but it's not the question.

The question is:

  highway=bridleway or highway=track ?

I'm not much wiser on how to decide between them.

More generally, does highway= indicate the physical appearance as 
surveyed -- or the intended use, as designated?

If it's the latter, as for example highway=primary, how is the actual 
appearance to be mapped and tagged?



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