[Talk-GB] Invalid building levels and building (part) height license compatibility

Neil Matthews ndmatthews at plus.net
Sat Mar 16 19:20:24 UTC 2019

Anyone mapping in Manchester might want to take a look for strange
fractional building:levels.

It's possible that some commercial editors found that they got better
results with open source 3D renderers by using ~0.75 per building level,
rather than the documented value of 1.
We recently had a spate of strange edits around Aztec West -- with some
1-level mobile homes being labelled as 1.5 (presumably thought they were
a "scaled" two storey house when satellite mapping).

On a similar vein, what are acceptable data sources for building:height
-- and how far should one ask for proof that these haven't come from a
source that would be problematic to OpenStreetmap?


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