[Talk-GB] Common Land has stopped rendering

John Aldridge jpsa at cantab.net
Mon Mar 18 13:06:49 UTC 2019

On 16-Mar-19 13:23, SK53 wrote:
> No, Carto is just one way of viewing OSM data. It has a small number of 
> maintainers and although highly visible does not represent any 
> 'official' view.

Yes and no.

For many people, the *point* of OSM is that it's a better version of 
Google maps. If data is not visible on the 'front page' rendering, it 
might as well not be there.

I agree, of course, with the principle of not tagging for a particular 
renderer. But along with espousing that principle should come an 
obligation to provide a renderer which does reflect (and hence 
encourage) what we regard as good tagging practice. Lacking that, people 
will keep tagging for Carto, and I can't entirely blame them.

There should, IMO, be a general purpose UK styled rendering on the front 
page of https://osmuk.org/


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