[Talk-GB] Common Land has stopped rendering

Martin Wynne martin at templot.com
Mon Mar 18 14:03:14 UTC 2019

> For many people, the *point* of OSM is that it's a better version of 
> Google maps.

That's certainly my reason for adding stuff to OSM. If it doesn't appear 
on the "standard map" I'm not much inclined to spend hours recording it 
and mapping it. If there is a way I can legitimately change the tagging 
to ensure that it does appear on the standard map, I will do it.

I use the iD editor, and after uploading you get a "thank you for 
improving the map" message. It doesn't say "thank you for adding that, 
but we are not going to bother to show it".

If you suggest to someone that they try OSM instead of Google maps, the 
standard Carto map is what they arrive at from search engines:


It is after all called OpenStreetMAP, not 
OpenStreetGeographicalDatabase, and I feel sure that the standard map is 
the way that many users access it, and want it -- a recognisable local MAP.



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