[Talk-GB] Replacement of leisure=common

Russ Garrett russ at garrett.co.uk
Sun Mar 31 13:02:43 UTC 2019

On Sun, 31 Mar 2019 at 13:29, Edward Catmur <ecatmur at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I note that you've linked https://data.gov.uk/dataset/05c61ecc-efa9-4b7f-8fe6-9911afb44e1a/database-of-registered-common-land-in-england - as this is OGL, I assume it's suitable for incorporation into OSM? Could we pick that up as a small OSM UK project?

Yes, to my knowledge (as neither a lawyer nor a LWG member) it's
kosher to use in OSM. I've added an acknowledgement to the
contributors page:

I've been doing some exploratory retagging of leisure=common and, at
least in London, the majority are small areas which would be better
tagged as landuse=grass. In urban areas any remaining larger areas of
leisure=common are usually best tagged as leisure=park or
landuse=recreation_ground, but I also found a few nature reserves. In
rural areas, tagging of grassland is a much-debated subject which is
outside the scope of this thread, but I will not judge.

I suspect there are far more leisure=common areas which are not
legally commons than which are, but it definitely looks like a good
cleanup project in general.


Russ Garrett
russ at garrett.co.uk

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