[Talk-GB] accurate GPS

Simon Ritchie simonritchie.uk at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 11:31:38 UTC 2019

> You're not going to find a (publically-accessible) physical location
which has better location error than 1m or so.

That was the kind of conclusion that I was coming to.  There's the meridian
line at Greenwich, but that only gives one coordinate.  It's a pity that
they don't have a crosshair with a published position.

I think that the only way forward may be to get hold of another accurate
GPS device and compare results.  Unfortunately, the others tend to be quite
expensive.  Trimble have a cheap deice called the Catalyst, but you still
have to buy their correction service at £300 per month.

If I did have such a device I could to my local trig points, get  accurate
positions and publish them.  I could use those data to test and calibrate
my "budget" solution.



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