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I guess you could do that anyway. Most folks are only interested in relative position and not whether one point on one side of the globe has the same positional accuracy as a point on the opposite side. Surveyors have for centuries been relying on a local arbitrary reference point and still do today, even if the measurements nowadays are generally completed using GPS.





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> You're not going to find a (publically-accessible) physical location which has better location error than 1m or so.  


That was the kind of conclusion that I was coming to.  There's the meridian line at Greenwich, but that only gives one coordinate.  It's a pity that they don't have a crosshair with a published position.


I think that the only way forward may be to get hold of another accurate GPS device and compare results.  Unfortunately, the others tend to be quite expensive.  Trimble have a cheap deice called the Catalyst, but you still have to buy their correction service at £300 per month.


If I did have such a device I could to my local trig points, get  accurate positions and publish them.  I could use those data to test and calibrate my "budget" solution. 






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