[Talk-GB] accurate GPS

Simon Ritchie simonritchie.uk at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 11:57:16 UTC 2019

> You'll need a GPS receiver with the capability of outputting carrier
phase data (u-blox receivers will do this) and ideally a well-characterised
external antenna (these are quite expensive).

That's very useful.  Thanks.  I am indeed using a uBlox device as my base
station.  I ran it for 48 hours and got accuracy to maybe half a metre, but
I haven't tried post-processing thedata.
However, that still leaves the fundamental problem:   I can (and will)
publish the kit of parts for making your own base station.  You could use
something similar to build a rover or you could buy one off the shelf.
According to the ads this will give you an accuracy of 2 cm, but how will
you check that you really are getting that accuracy?

That question was the driver for my original posting.

Regards, Simon
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