[Talk-GB] TfL cycle data published - proposed conflation process

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 13 15:38:52 UTC 2019

Martin wrote:
> e.g. JOSM Conflation, Hootenanny, OpenStreetMap Live Conflation

OK, a few I am aware of, one i'm not. Suspect others won't know them all
either. For those interested:

JOSM Conflation:


OpenStreetMap Live Conflation:

As for the proposal, I agree that a slow and steady approach is required.
Although I do think we should set a target date. A date by which we are
happy to start the conflation or have agreed that it is not viable. Would
be a shame to see it just drag out. Happy to help as much as I can to
ensure this.

Best regards,
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