[Talk-GB] TfL cycle data published - schema mapping

Robert Norris rw_norris at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 21 11:30:18 UTC 2019

> • Two-tier cycle parking: This is unfortunately becoming more and more
> present in the UK, but bizarrely OSM does not have a representation in
> widespread use currently, with only 6 instances worldwide of
> bicycle_parking=two_tier. It is proposed this be used, which will hopefully
> then galvanise usage beyond London.
> https://bikedata.cyclestreets.net/tflcid/conversion/#prk_tier

I'm not sure how representative the associated picture is.

Most of this type I have encountered are at railway stations, where they seem to always have roofs and perhaps side fencing or similar.
Thus I have normally used bicycle_parking=shed, but not really tried to record the multi tier system. A simple two_tier=yes might suffice, but maybe rack_levels=1 | 2 would be better.

It would be good to capture covered=yes/no - but this I assume is not in the TFL data (unless it can be derived from individual photographs).

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