[Talk-GB] Idea - OSMUK walkers' map application

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Dec 7 07:56:12 UTC 2020

... Just to follow up on this - if it helps explain what I thought would be nice for OSMUK to have - something like https://freemap.sk/, which I was introduced to by one of the lead developers several years ago at State of the Map Europe in Vienna.

This is an OSM-based map site specific for Slovakia, which comes with many features such as information about POIs, route-finding, elevation profiles, and so on. I've always thought that of all the local OSM sites, this one is particularly nice.

It could eventually use our own rendering but for now could use something like Andy Townsend's style combined with contours and hillshading.

On another matter, what's the status of whether OSMUK has its own server? (I've lost track of this, I have to admit). Do we have a development server where we could begin developing something like this, initially on a small scale (e.g. one county)?


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Just floating an idea for a possible OSMUK site, namely an OSMUK 'semi-official'  web application for walkers and hikers.

This could provide similar functionality to sites such as the Ramblers' Pathwatch (https://www.ramblers.org.uk/advice/pathwatch-report-path-features-and-problems.aspx) allowing users to report path problems as well as nice views, historical sites and so on. It could also provide info such as train or bus times (by clicking on a rail station), beers served (for a pub), routing via public transport to a given countryside location, and so on.

Reported path problems could be then made available via an API, which could be used by councils - and, given we have the council ROW data available to us via rowmaps.com  - the right of way reference could be sourced from this if it's not in OSM already.

For rendering, we could perhaps use Andy Townsend's SomeoneElse-style, maybe tweaked a little, as it appears to be the most actively maintained of all the England and Wales renderings. This could be setup on our own server, I seem to remember experimenting with this a couple of years ago when the OSMUK idea was first floated, on a server which had been loaned to the community (I need to re-check my emails, and indeed check if this server is still open for us to use!)

I've done similar things to this in the past on a small scale, e.g. Freemap (free-map.org.uk) once had the facility to add path problems, but now we have the OSMUK organisation in existence, maybe a semi-official OSMUK walkers' map with added functionality would have greater traction and it's something that could be launched as a project on GitHub?


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