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> Personally I do not generally map PRoWs which have no on-the-ground traces (particularly after my experience <http://sk53-osm.blogspot.com/2011/07/footpaths-in-carmarthenshire-whats-point.html> in Carmathenshire in 2011), although I do allow a wide latitude of sources to identify traces of PRoWs (overgrown stiles, rotting footpath signs, etc.) when it might be useful to do so. Keeping such things invisible from the regular user of OSM has advantages in that a non-existent path blighting a walk is less likely. Of course if you report it as obstructed to the HA and get a suitable reply then you have substantial personal knowledge about the PRoW.
> Jerry

If there is a RoW surely it should be marked - these are *rights of way* whether or not they have been kept in good order, blocked or are rarely used.  NOT including it on a map surely just means it less likely that it will be used in future.  

I’d actually say *more* of an issue with OSM is paths that are marked that ARE NOT a legal right of way.  Around Peaslake in the Surrey Hills there are various ‘mountain bike trails’ shown on OSM that are not rights of way and which the landowners say should not be ridden.  

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> IMO, this is bad mapping.
> Just because one person concludes it isn't used by staring at photograph taken thousands of feet in the air doesn't mean it isn't.
> Accessibility is variable & subjective. What might be a deterrent to a wheelchair user, could be considered easy by a high jumper.
> Even if it is found to be inaccessible after an on ground survey it doesn't mean it's been declared disused.

Indeed - I know of bridleway across fields and bogs in the Lake District where the ground is too wet to retain any signs of use distinct from cattle hoof prints. Signposts rot, signs fall down or get obscured by undergrowth. 

There are paths I walk and trails I ride that we go out and clear of nettles and bracken to keep them usable in summer. 
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