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That's a fair viewpoint and I'm open to changing my method. 

But what would you suggest in the situation where a PROW runs through a building(s)? Map through it as a fully-fledged footway? Doesn't matter what your abilities are, you won't be able to go through there - well unless you can pass through walls...  At what point does a completely inaccessible, or even re-rerouted path (just not in the PROW data), become disused?

I am interested as a path I recently mapped is a PROW but is very dangerous to cross. It is now marked as disused:highway=path with access=discourged;designated but it is stilla PROW (byway open to all traffic in this case): https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/93427676

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On 08/12/2020 12:36, nathan case wrote:
> but instead setting as disused:highway. This is what I tend to do when the PROW route is clearly inaccessible from aerial imagery (e.g. due to new buildings, or rivers).

IMO, this is bad mapping.
Just because one person concludes it isn't used by staring at photograph taken thousands of feet in the air doesn't mean it isn't.

Accessibility is variable & subjective. What might be a deterrent to a wheelchair user, could be considered easy by a high jumper.

Even if it is found to be inaccessible after an on ground survey it doesn't mean it's been declared disused.


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