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FYI Wiltshire Council's Rights of Way Explorer is not the 'definitive map'.
> It usually a misnomer. Paths are described with words in a  definitive
> statement. Their map is a representation of that data. Many authorities add
> a caveat clarifying that it's not the authoritative document.
> Dave F

Each highway authority is required to maintain a 'definitive map and
statement'. In all cases the map shows the definitive line of the right of
way. The Statement provides any extra information the authority wished to
record, which in some cases may include a full description of the route but
in other cases may contain no additional information at all.

The caveat most councils supply with their electronic mapping is due to the
fact that there may be discrepancies between their digitised versions and
the actual Definitive Maps (and statements) which are still almost
universally paper based.
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