[Talk-GB] Tagging of shared use paths

John Aldridge jpsa at cantab.net
Thu Dec 10 14:13:30 UTC 2020

On 12/10/2020 12:41 PM, Ken Kilfedder wrote:
> As a break from 'tagging for the renderer', I'd like to see rendering 
> for the tags.

A long standing grump of mine!

We see lots of excellent effort put in to designing tagging schemes 
which could support a wide variety of applications, but rather little 
into creating those applications themselves, most especially 
consumer-directed maps.

As it is, the conversation typically goes

    Please don't tag for the renderer!

    Oh, sorry, how do I get The Map to look right then?

    You don't, The Map is intended for map creators, not end users


    But it's no problem, you can create your own map on your own server
    which renders however you want it to. All you need is a degree in
    computer science.

In fact, various people have bravely done this, but (a) you can't find 
those maps because they're not indexed from the OSM or OSMUK pages, (b) 
they sometimes don't cover the whole country, (c) they run on 
underpowered hardware, and (d) oh, that map worked last year, but it's 
gone missing now.

There'd be a whole lot less temptation to tag for the renderer, if the 
renderers rendered for the tags a bit better!

I appear to be in a grumpy mood today. Sorry! I love OSM really :)


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