[Talk-GB] Another milestone in solar panel mapping: over 300k OSM elements

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Fri Dec 11 13:37:43 UTC 2020

We passed over 300k individual OSM elements mapped as solar panels

Since I last reported back in early October there have been some other

   - Dan, Jack & Cos publication of the dataset already announced here.
   - Russ's tool for adding module counts, also mentioned on this list.

   - Orkney nearly at 60%, and lots added in Highland & Outer Hebrides
   - Warwick first West Midlands district to reach 80% plus (Brian)
   - Jeremy Harris has made massive inroads in a short time along the Colne
   Valley (Chiltern (50%), Watford (120%) , Dacorum (50%) & Three Rivers
   (130%)), which provides another nucleus of well-mapped districts contiguous
   with Greater London. I've recently pushed both Hillingdon & Ealing to the
   90%+ mark to complement this (largely as a result of inadvertently seeing
   lots of solar in Northolt when looking for something else). In these areas
   the discrepancy between FIT installations & potential number of panels to
   be mapped is obviously higher than elsewhere, which I expect to be true
   across Greater London & better-off areas of the South-East.
   - It's also become noticeable that a line of better mapped districts is
   emerging from Peterborough towards Ipswich.
   - Doubling of districts with over 90% mapped (Watford, Three Rivers,
   South Northamptonshire, Bolsover, Amber Valley, Erewash, Ashfield,
   Mansfield, Bassetlaw, Knowsley & others). This now looks to be achievable
   anywhere with the newer imagery.
   - Now module count & direction are both around 55k elements (over 18% of
   total). This is a significant improvement & very much the focus of my own
   efforts. I'm finding measurement tools in Josm, Vespucci & iD can be very
   useful in determining module counts.

Dan can chip in with suggestions of areas to focus on, but I think Cornwall
remains a target as does conversion of nodes to areas on larger buildings &
ensuring these are actually on buildings. Otherwise it's pretty much carry
on as we are.

One thing I find I'm catching fairly frequently are rebuilt school, and to
a lesser extent, hospital sites. These may merit being revisited more
systematically in a future quarterly project.

Best wishes,

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