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Martin - CycleStreets list-osm-talk-gb at cyclestreets.net
Sat Dec 12 13:14:24 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking at a dataset with a view to it being published, that 
defines a set of routes (various streets and paths), not physically marked 
on the ground, i.e. they are subjective rather than objective. The aim is 
to publish this as a dataset that then other people using OSM could then 
easily use in routing engines to favour the specific paths. In other words, 
have some way of referencing the preferred ways easily, avoiding the need 
for any kind of GIS-based map-matching.

The data is currently just an overlay manually drawn over a digital map 
background, but the underlying map hasn't actually been used in any way to 
decide on the network or check things back home. There are no IP issues in 
my view - it's just a set of route preferences. The lines can be redrawn 
from scratch if necessary.

Do people have any tips on how best to create and maintained a linked 

I've been considering a few options:

- Load all the data in the area in QGIS using a Geofabrik extract, and 
manually remove everything that isn't relevant, leaving the desired network 
only, from which the OSM IDs can be extracted

- Use some kind of QGIS process to match the locations with some kind of 
key/value filtering, with some kind of 10-20m buffer.

Do people think it's better to publish a list of OSM IDs or as GeoJSON, 
which would obviously contain the IDs but also have the benefit of visually 
showing the routes?

I'm aware obviously the data could become unmatched over time, as OSM 
changes, e.g. a way is split or paths added that add more detail.

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