[Talk-GB] driveway-becomes-track

Martin Wynne martin at templot.com
Sat Dec 12 14:30:57 UTC 2020

On 12/12/2020 13:15, Andy Townsend wrote:

> Ultimately, if "something needs doing", "someone" will need to do it. 
> Perhaps that someone is you?

Hi Andy,

Yes that someone could be me. I have a server (located in Columbus, 
Ohio) on which I am using only a fraction of the available memory space 
and bandwidth. I have been thinking of making better use of it, possibly 
by hosting something from OSM.

 >  I'd suggest setting up a copy of the
 > standard map rendering as per https://switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/
 > (just for Worcestershire would be fine) and start tinkering with the
 > logic that decides what sort of service road is what, such as

Thanks. I have been looking at https://switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/ but 
I have a lot to learn. I can do Windows programming, but on stuff for 
the web I'm only a dabbler. I looked at Mapnik and saw interfaces only 
for Python and C. If that had been Pascal, I would have dived in by now.

I will have another look and see where I might start. The idea of 
creating my own map does appeal to me.

Getting back to this case, this is the farm drive. Beyond the 
cattle-grid the public bridleway continues left through the farm 
buildings, and the surface deteriorates to the usual farm mud:


It seems daft to me that the mud gets rendered but not the hardcore. If 
I change the "driveway" to "track" that would be the dreaded tagging for 
the renderer would it not? Generally in this part of the world "track" 
means mud, rather than a roadway suitable for all vehicles.

This is where the farm drive leaves the road - this is definitely more 
than a "track" - note the double gates:




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