[Talk-GB] MapThePaths downtime next weekend Dec 19/20

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Sun Dec 13 09:26:09 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

A warning that the MapThePaths site (www.mapthepaths.org.uk) and also perhaps Freemap will be unavailable next weekend, Dec 19/20, and possibly into the early part of next week.

The reason is that I am updating the OSM data on the server next weekend.

I have decided to create a smaller Hetzner server for my UK-specific OSM projects, notably MapThePaths, and leave the current server to focus on the Europe-wide (and potentially worldwide, but my funds don't stretch to this) Hikar and OpenTrailView projects.

This new server may, dependent on time and interest, also be used for experimenting with creating an OSM UK walkers' map. I will be willing to give shell accounts to trusted members of the OSM UK community (people I know personally or mailing list regulars). More on that later.


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