[Talk-GB] What is needed for something to be classified as a 'cycle route' (London)

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Tue Dec 15 14:06:00 UTC 2020

Outside London, these days I tend to use direction signs or named route
signs (eg named after planets/satellites/dwarf planets in Woking, or
colours in Bracknell, or the "Cycling Discoveries" signs in north
Hampshire) as an indication of an LCN/RCN. In the past, I had looser
criteria, and I sometimes go back and remove LCNs that I added (eg there
are some I added in Wokingham in the expectation that signs would appear,
but they never did).

On Tue, 15 Dec 2020, 13:28 Simon Still, <simon.still at gmail.com> wrote:

> See discussion on
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/95752985#map=18/51.46201/-0.12146&layers=C
> There appear to be a large number of sections of road in some areas of
> London tagged as ‘cycle route’ that are no more than the occasional 1057
> cycle symbol painted on the road.
> They are not signed, and do not have any route numbering.
> Based on the discussion it appears
> - most were added by user MacLondon
> - they were the ‘lowest level’ of route designation by some councils at
> some time in the past. Pick some ‘useful routes’ on ‘quiet roads’ and just
> paint some symbols on them for people to follow
> Some of these appear on the last 2015 TfL cycle maps in yellow (routes
> were blue) keyed as ‘other roads recommended by cyclists’
> My opinion is
> - these are not followable on the ground
> - they do not meet TfL or borough quality criteria (and thus do not appear
> on any more recent maps) eg - they are not shown in any way on Lambeth councils
> 2017 cycle map
> https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/parking-transport-and-streets/cycling/lambeth-cycle-routes-map
> - they decrease legibility of the map because they create a mass of dense
> blue lines from which it’s hard to pick out genuinely useful routes.
> - they probably have a negative impact on routing engines as they are
> likely treated equally to actual signposted routes.
> - in many cases where they do show the most direct route through
> backstreets that is likely to be the busiest with rat running traffic as
> it’s where google and Waze will send drivers.
> Thoughts?
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