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Tue Dec 15 18:11:13 UTC 2020

Just to add my opinion on this, I would also agree with Jerry that
addr:interpolation on a node/building with an addr:housenumber=1-5 would
seem an obvious and logical way.

To reply to Mateusz, I think the situation in the UK may be different, as
they note. There are several addresses I am aware of (at least in Scotland)
where multiple buildings have been joined together into one (for example
shops), and so these have one entrance and one address, but this spans a
range of numbers, eg the postal address could be 5-9 High Street, but there
are even numbers on the other side of the street. It would be incorrect to
use multiple nodes in this instance, as there is no such address as 7 High

Cheers, Donald

On Thu, 10 Dec 2020 at 22:03, Mateusz Konieczny via Talk-GB <
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> Dec 10, 2020, 21:51 by sk53.osm at gmail.com:
> However, I would regard the Dutch
> <https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/52.34367/4.77750&layers=N> &
> Polish communities approach of adding individual
> nodes for each address in the building irrespective of the actual address
> position outline
> as incorrect mapping in the UK. In both cases, and probably also in
> Denmark <https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/55.68777/12.58382&layers=N>,
> this is most
> likely because addresses have been imported from a national database and
> this allows
> incremental updates from the same source. The problem with this is that it
> prevents classic
> OSM iterative refinement, such as accurate mapping for indoor usage, for
> instance to enable
> guidance for blind people.
> At least in Poland separate nodes for addresses are preferred as this:
> - more accurate and allows to specify where given address actually is
> - for example after mapping entrances, you can be guided to a correct one
> - I am confused why it prevents
> "OSM iterative refinement, such as accurate mapping for indoor usage"
> (maybe in UK addresses are assigned differently than in Poland)
> - maybe it is related to fact that I am unaware of "address position
> outline"
> existing in Poland - address is de facto assigned to building/plot/entrance
> and in rare cases to complex objects such as a hospital or group of
> entrances
> - it is common to have on street corner address from two streets in one
> building
> (see
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=50.07413&mlon=19.93361#map=19/50.07413/19.93361
> and three nearby buildings), mapping this as an interpolation would not
> work
> (and least I think so)
> - and yes, is easier to map and import
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