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Sean Blanchflower smb1001 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 18:03:20 UTC 2020

Hi all,
In case anyone's interested I set myself the lockdown project of ensuring
all the active Anglican churches in England are mapped consistently in OSM,
and have gotten as far as I realistically can for the moment.

The net result is that of the 15649 active Anglican churches that I know of
in England, all of them are now in OSM mapped as ways with
other than...

301 - which don't have a separate building of their own (eg meet in a
school or another church etc)
3     - that I just cannot find the location of

In addition there are many more mapped with various tags (by others) which
are in fact closed or redundant churches. I've been marking them as
disused:amenity=place_of_worship when I come across them, but there are
still many more that I haven't got to. (I may get round to this at some

Also I tried to augment user:Edward 's excellent work in tagging them with
their Wikidata ID. Currently 12373 of the 15649 have Wikidata tags, with
each of the Wikidata entries in turn having achurchnearyou.com IDs (the
Church of England's own tagging). My effort will probably shift to adding
Wikidata pages for the remaining churches, and augmenting them with further

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