[Talk-GB] UK street addressing

Dave Abbott Dave.Abbott at pandaemonia.org
Sun Dec 20 12:45:39 UTC 2020


I am trying to make sure I tag addresses correctly. I am currently 
trying to understand how to map in my area.

The postal addresses are like:

99 Postal Street
West Yorks XY9 7GY

Smalltown is geographically separate to Largertown, which however is the 
Postal Town. Omitting Smalltown from the address is probably correct 
postally-speaking, but local residents would object as Smalltown is seen 
as completely separate to other places under the same Postal Town.

Currently tagging as -
addr:street=Postal Street
addr:city=Smalltown, Largertown

But I am pretty sure this is wrong.

There is a page at 
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Rjw62/UK_Address_Mapping which 
mentions "suggested tags" but there is no evidence that this is in use. 
If correct I would be tagging as -

addr:street=Postal Street

Hoping someone can advise me as to the correct way to tag for the UK...

Dave Abbott  (OSM user DaveyPorcy)

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