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Sun Dec 20 19:24:48 UTC 2020

The housenumber and street would be tagged on the "building:part=house"

Is this housrnumber belonging to the terrace or is it belonging to the street? If it belongs to the terrace, I think even with this tagging software wouldnt recognise this.

In that case, this is the tagging O use (its not that good however):

addr:place=Orchard Gardens
addr2:street=Green Lane

I use addr2:street (this is accepted tagging, by the way) to indicate that the street is a seperate address.

This isnt ideal, of course

20 Dec 2020, 18:52 by colin.smale at xs4all.nl:

> On 2020-12-20 19:44, ipswichmapper at tutanota.com wrote:
>> What you do is give the outline way "buildong=terrace" and "name=<NAME_OF_TERRACE>" and all the houses with "building:part=house". The software can then tell that all those houses are part of the terrace called <NAME_OF_TERRACE>
> So in the case like I referred to earlier, "2, Orchard Cottages, Green Lane" would be tagged with addr:housenumber=2, and addr:street=Green Lane? And then enclosed within "building=terrace, name=Orchard Cottages". Is the tag building:part=house enough to indicate that the address is "2, Orchard Cottages, Green Lane" and not "2, Green Lane"?

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