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Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Sun Dec 20 19:38:31 UTC 2020

On 2020-12-20 20:24, ipswichmapper at tutanota.com wrote:

> The housenumber and street would be tagged on the "building:part=house" 
> Is this housrnumber belonging to the terrace or is it belonging to the street? If it belongs to the terrace, I think even with this tagging software wouldnt recognise this. 
> In that case, this is the tagging O use (its not that good however): 
> addr:housenumber=2 
> addr:place=Orchard Gardens 
> addr2:street=Green Lane 
> I use addr2:street (this is accepted tagging, by the way) to indicate that the street is a seperate address. 
> This isnt ideal, of course

Put yourself in the place of a bit of software looking at OSM data and
trying to answer the questions: 
1) What is the (postal) address of these premises (being 2 Orchard
=> correct answer is "2, Orchard Cottages, Green Lane" 
2) Where can I find "2 Orchard Cottages, Green Lane"? 
=> correct answer is the premises we started with 

Instead of looking for the ideal system, let's find something that is
good enough. I doubt we will ever find an ideal system that will fit all
the addressing systems in the world, or even in the UK (bilingual
addresses are another can of worms). 

If, looking only at the OSM data, a (reasonable) algorithm can be found
that leads reliably to the correct answer, then it is "good enough" 
If such an algorithm cannot be found, then the OSM data is "not good
By "algorithm" I mean here a deterministic interpretation of OSM
tagging, including (where really necessary) the geometry (within
particular types of polygon for example).
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