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> Hello everyone,
> To follow up my earlier message about developing an OSMUK walkers' map, I
> have now got (a very basic and rough and ready version of) the project off
> the ground, thanks to an offer of hosting from OSMUK via Adam Hoyle.
> The demo is at
> (sorry, no HTTPS or domain name yet)
> The github repo is:
> https://github.com/osm-uk/walkers-map
> It's very unlikely that I will be able to develop all of this myself, due
> partly to time constraints and partly because other people will have
> stronger UX, web design and cartography skills than myself. So
> contributions are particularly welcome; if you want to contribute do feel
> free to checkout the repo and submit a PR.
> A bit of technical detail: it's using the Tangram client-side vector
> renderer (https://github.com/tangrams/tangram) together with a quick-hack
> roll-my-own MVT tile server, which thanks to recent developments in PostGIS
> is actually very easy. As it's a rough-and-ready demo, no attempt at
> optimisation has been made yet, also the server is quite low-spec so it
> might struggle under strain.
> Tangram uses a YAML style file which is pretty easy and intuitive to
> understand and work on; this is available in the repo.
> Contours are from OS Open Data and were imported into PostGIS and are
> served the same way as the OSM layers.
> Nick
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