[Talk-GB] Google maps added addresses!

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Tue Dec 29 20:12:27 UTC 2020

Again, google maps has had full address data for years?
Why wpuld they be trying out this streetview concept?Most the time housenumbers aren't viewable on streetview anyway.
The only change that seems to have happened is housenumbers are shown on the map (before you could reverse geocode them or search for them).-- 

29 Dec 2020, 19:47 by andrew at black1.org.uk:

> On 28/12/2020 17:11, Russ Garrett wrote:
>> It's definitely not entirely from Street View - there is
>> (inconsistent) numbering on some private roads which lack street view
>> coverage, including my own.
> Ilive in a house with a number and a letter (say 20). The houses are number wierdly
> |  20A  |  20 | 21 |
> Google have it as
> |  20 |  20A | 21 |
> You cant read the number on streetview (though maybe internally they have a higher resolution than showing us). But you can see the A. Quite a few other errors.  I once had a driver say "parcel for 20" "no this is 20A". "it must be 20 because my phone says so!" "But  I lived here before you had a smartphone"
> Maybe a combination a semi reliable source and interpolation.
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