[Talk-GB] OSMUK walkers map - GitHub repo and demo now available

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 15:58:48 UTC 2020

On 30/12/2020 10:13, Nick Whitelegg via Talk-GB wrote:
> ...
> At some point, at Adam's suggestion, I will probably setup a poll on 
> Loomio to gather ideas for features.
Hi Nick,

Thanks for this, but I suspect that a bit more information will be 
needed by anyone who might be thinking about helping with this.  
Currently the "What's needed" section of the readme is a bit "Monty 
Python: how to play the flute" ( 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1sM29zGxeo ).  As just one example, I'd 
expect that the osm2pgsql database needs to be imported with a 
particular style file to decide which columns are created.  Maybe that's 
the default osm2pgsql one, maybe it's a different one such as 
, or maybe it's a cut-down one to minimise database size - but without 
that information, no-one is going to be able to reproduce what you 
currently have at or https://www.free-map.org.uk/ 
and investigate why things are as they are there - for example why are 
some things shown and not other, why does the screen only take up a 
quarter of the browser window, why is it so slow (is that a server or a 
client side issue)?

I appreciate that this is only designed to be a proof of concept - but 
surely the purpose is that people will see it and say "that isn't 
exactly what I was looking for but I can change it to do X, and Y, and 
Z"?  I don't think that that's really possible right now.

Best Regards,


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