[Talk-GB] UPRN Locations Map

Russ Garrett russ at garrett.co.uk
Fri Jul 3 10:35:23 UTC 2020

On Fri, 3 Jul 2020 at 11:24, Tony OSM <tonyosm9 at gmail.com> wrote:
> There was a reference to £1000 worth of data being made free each month
> to individual users - can't find out how this works yet. This may allow
> us as individuals to populate OSM and OSM essentially aggregates the
> data - rather like postcode data. I am researching the site to find out
> how this works.

I'm fairly sure that's "free as in beer" and not "free as in speech",
and the data will still be subject to a restrictive license which is
incompatible with OSM.

> OS have also made maps downloadable as images 'OS OpenMap Local' - I did
> OS square SD, this provides a map picture, I checked out a new housing
> estate and it has the street names - not currently in OSM (haven't put
> them in yet). So the OS data is useful. For that SD square they provide
> hundreds of files based on their method of 10km  map references with 4
> sections per 10 km - NW,NE,SW,SE. Not easy to use, an overlay of
> sections is required. This is updated regularly so can replace OS Open
> Data Streetview which I believe to be no longer updated.

OpenMap Local is already available on https://os.openstreetmap.org/
and presumably it will percolate down into editors in due course.

Russ Garrett
russ at garrett.co.uk

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