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Lester Caine lester at lsces.uk
Sat Jul 4 10:45:33 UTC 2020

On 04/07/2020 08:51, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> I'm not convinced this data should be pulled into OSM. It would add a 
> lot of clutter that users would be tempted to move around or delete. In 
> areas like mine where I've added thousands of buildings and addresses 
> from surveys, it would be making matters worse not better. It would be a 
> disincentive to adding more buildings with addresses as the additional 
> nodes would get in the way of editing, and because they represent a semi 
> random set of things. Because the dataset is fixed I would think it 
> should be a layer used alongside OSM by those tools that think it adds 
> value. Ideally, OSM itself should support layers, but AFAIK it doesn't.

That about sums it up. The plans themselves may be a starting point 
where there is nothing, but ALL that needs importing are the references 
being added to existing objects in OSM. As you say, the data in the NLPG 
data set is 'read only' and so anybody 'editing mistakes' may not 
understand that it is displaying what is the 'legal' situation on the 
ground. Any mistakes need to be reported to the right authority.

That OSM does not support layers is now a major stumbling block. At the 
very least data currently live in on a 'current' view should be 
automatically filed to an historic layer when it is replaced, but with 
the growing volume of other data sources with detailed graphical 
content, being able to combine layers of data should be a high priority. 
There should then be no need to import snapshots of those managed data 
sets and have to maintain mechanisms to keep the two in sync. Just use 
the raw data direct in parallel with the unique OSM data.

It is worth pointing out that unless something has changed drastically 
in the last few years, then the range of fine detail contained in the 
NLPG varies vastly between the various council sources. I think I have 
seen comments about 'only having a node' and not providing enough detail 
to identify different references. Certainly 10 years ago only a small 
number of councils actually had plans of the extent of each council tax 
parcel and other fine detail. Most just had a node somewhere in the 
right area. Many were reliant on paid services from OS for map data and 
so did not have a licence to copy that data over. HOPEFULLY today that 
particular problem has been resolved.

I've not had time yet to look at just what is available against the now 
somewhat out of data local extracts I have from the original NLPG dataset.

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