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Sat Jul 4 12:31:34 UTC 2020

I've tried to match UPRNs to buildings 1:1 in Nottingham and therefore
provide an address lookup. Here's the first stab of 35 k objects:


On Sat, 4 Jul 2020 at 12:28, Mark Goodge <mark at good-stuff.co.uk> wrote:

> On 04/07/2020 12:16, Stephen Knox wrote:
> > I don't think there is value in bringing in the points themselves but
> > I think there definitely is value in tagging existing buildings /
> > locations with the UPRN where it is incontrovertible - e.g. a single
> > unit house. This is the vast majority of the buildings in the UK, if
> > not the addresses. There are difficulties to overcome with multiple
> > unit buildings, that probably needs a lot of further thought and
> > possibly further open data releases to do properly, which may appear
> > eventually. How historical values are managed is also a consideration
> > to deal with.
> I agree. I think we have to bear in mind that UPRNs will become
> increasingly important to map users, and having them in the tag data
> will be useful. If it's a known fact about a building, then it does no
> harm, and will be potentially beneficial, to tag the building with the
> But we do need to be wary of historic data and overlapping UPRNs. Unless
> we have incontrovertible local knowledge from a compatible source, then
> we shouldn't add a UPRN tag if the open data is in any way ambiguous.
> The same applies to USRNs. Where we can unambiguously match a road or
> street on OSM to a USRN, then we should add the tag. But only if we can
> be certain.
> > Arguably of more use for OSM for the here and now is the change to
> > the licence of the UK Land Registry INSPIRE polygons to OGL, which I
> > haven't seen much or any discussion of on this list. This means that
> > we now have an authoritative reference for boundaries and can use
> > that to alter and check geometries of things like semi-detached house
> > boundaries, gardens, hedges
> > etc.https://www.gov.uk/guidance/inspire-index-polygons-spatial-data.
> I agree with that, too.
> Mark
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