[Talk-GB] Call to action: Translators needed

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun Jul 12 18:58:17 UTC 2020

The project in question could have naturally joined the OpenStreetMap transifex organisation and profited from a couple of 100 very experienced translators, but that would be too simple.

Am 12. Juli 2020 19:50:43 MESZ schrieb Kai Michael Poppe - OSM <osm at poppe.dev>:
>Good evening list!
>During last week's Missing Maps London event I got to know the mobile
>App "MapSwipe". This app is used to identify Imagery Tiles with
>specific features like buildings, roads, etc. in countries with low map
>coverage (i.e. developing/least developed countries). It is a
>second-level crowdsourcing platform and it's data is used by the
>Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HotOSM.org) to feed it's taskmanager.
>From there volounteers use computer-based editors to map the tiles that
>were marked as having a mappable feature.
>Enough marketing talk, this is what this mail is about: The developing
>team uses Transifex
>(https://www.transifex.com/mapswipe/mapswipe-app/dashboard/) to
>translate the strings in the OpenSource-App
>(https://github.com/mapswipe/mapswipe) and is looking for people who'd
>love to contribute with more translations or finishing/reviewing the
>existing languages. Czech only needs review, but Dutch, French,
>Japanese, Nepali, Persian, Swahili, Hungarian, Indonesia, Russian and
>Spanish are still missing loads of translated strings.
>So, if any of you would be able to help with any of the languages
>mentioned above (you may also add any other language that you think
>should be on the app), this would be greatly appreciated!
>Please do not hesitate to share this mail with anyone you think could
>help or cross-post this outside this list, I haven't done so anywhere
>except the German Telegram Group t.me/OSM_de.
>Thank you for reading this far :)
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