[Talk-GB] Call to action: Translators needed

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue Jul 14 14:37:53 UTC 2020

I've been asked to clarify this as it might come across as a personal
attack which was not intended, sorry.

The, very well funded, organizations in OSM space that claim
"Humanitarian" for themselves, market themselves mainly by having a
never ending stream of emergencies (some real, some not, some where OSM
mapping could be useful, some not) that urgently need attention.

In exchange for allowing HOT, MM etc to monetize your participation in
"resolving" these emergencies, you get alleviated to a superior human
being, well at least for a while. Think of it as a digital Ablasshandel,
just that in the middle ages the benefits were probably more tangible.

A "Call to action" for MapSwipe translations just reiterates the same
concepts in the particular absurd situation were the issue  at hand
could have been resolved with a couple of minutes work at any time over
the last 5 years if the developers were even remotely interested in
cooperating with wider OSM instead of just sapping out some manpower.


On 13.07.2020 00:59, Simon Poole wrote:
> It's the other way around, I believe you are the victim and have been had.
> Am 12. Juli 2020 21:12:15 MESZ schrieb Kai Michael Poppe - OSM
> <osm at poppe.dev>:
>     On 12.07.2020 20:58, Simon Poole wrote:
>         The project in question could have naturally joined the
>         OpenStreetMap transifex organisation and profited from a
>         couple of 100 very experienced translators, but that would be
>         too simple. 
>     Well, don't kill the messenger. I myself only today discovered that there's a JOSM team and an OSM organization.
>     It might be worth checking whether the projects could be moved to the OSM org.
>     Kai
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