[Talk-GB] Call to action: Translators needed

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue Jul 14 21:10:53 UTC 2020

On 14.07.2020 17:21, osm at poppe.dev wrote:
> ... again, your wording sounds like you don't trust the organizations further that you could throw a rock and basically discard their efforts as those of money-hungry, evil corporations that aren't interested in the humanitarian aspect at all (Ablasshandel was a big thing in medieval times, I guess we shouldn't go down that road).

I've never found the concept of trust when dealing with legal entities
of any kind useful. In any case the correct throwing distance would be
dropping the stone.

There is nothing wrong with being money hungry btw, leads to predictable
behaviour, and is less fickle than many other things.

> I know that I might be exaggerating, but in essence you're just lumping all 20+ organizations together and ignore their individuality.

I'm just commenting on the involvement "in" OSM which is fairly uniform.
OK HOT seems to be pivoting now around globalizing its paid mapping
business, but that is maybe because they are wising up on the fact that
the ambulance chasing may have run its course as a funding mechanism.

In any case you should do your own research on the organizations, some
have very good reputation, say MSF, others less so.

>> A "Call to action" for MapSwipe translations just reiterates the same
>> concepts in the particular absurd situation were the issue  at hand
>> could have been resolved with a couple of minutes work at any time over
>> the last 5 years if the developers were even remotely interested in
>> cooperating with wider OSM instead of just sapping out some manpower.
> "Call to action" was _my wording_ and _my idea_ alone, nobody forced me to word it that way, nor have I given it a second thought, so every criticism to that reflects back to my action.
> If you think that the developing team could have just done/given thought "5 more minutes" (As a developer for 30+ years, I'm very sceptical of such claims) to incorporate their project into the established areas, there's no hinderance for you to get into contact (because you now know of the problem, that's why nobody has done so earlier) with them, and provide an easy solution to the absurdity of the situation that you see.

It essentially boils down to checking a couple of boxes in transifex and
sending an announcement out to the existing translators that there is a
new project available, and changing the base URL for the project in
whatever they use to automate translations now.

Numerous projects have done it in the past, really no big deal.

And I've suggested it to "Humanitarian" projects before (would have to
dig if it was specifically MapSwipe), but as with essentially all
"Humanitarian" software development there is essentially no cooperation
with any mainstream OSM work, which may have to do with funding, maybe not.

> You might have just had a bad day just like I had a couple of unpleasant weeks, but I do not understand your reasoning for your reactions. That might just be me and I might be completely in the wrong here, but I suggest we leave it at that. 
> Kai

It is just experience vs. trust.


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