[Talk-GB] POI files of Pub/Restaurant chain

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 13:16:26 UTC 2020

On 16/07/2020 14:03, David Woolley wrote:
> On 15/07/2020 14:00, osm at poppe.dev wrote:
>> As this data is pretty much openly accessible, I think there'd be no 
>> major issue with asking them if this data could be used to check all 
>> the places against OSM data and, if needed correct and/or create 
>> them, right?
> I often find that business locations are way off target.  I think head 
> offices often just plug the postcode into Google Maps, rather than 
> asking someone to read them on their GPS capable mobile, or match them 
> to actual features on the local map.
A quick check of one I know the location of shows that the co-ordinates 
given seem to be of the business park that its in rather than the 
building itself: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/53.22910/-1.42264 
.  That list should be OK for spotting missing examples, but if one is 
missing you'd need to visit to see which actual building it was in.  
Obviously a nominatim search of e.g. "harvester in chesterfield" will 
also return (or not) whatever OSM has.

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