[Talk-GB] Surveying rural buildings

Nick nick at foresters.org
Mon Jul 20 10:29:13 UTC 2020

Dear all

I have been mapping a few properties using Bing maps with local 
knowledge supplemented by some physical measuring (tape measure or 
simply pacing). I now want to ramp up my mapping but the challenge 
especially in rural areas is that sometimes the outline of a building is 
not clear - either obscured (e.g. trees) or unclear (e.g. decking or car 
ports). Also some aerial imagery is offset. Also, most of the properties 
are not along public roads. So my question is what are the preferred 
methods for surveying that others are using?

I had thought perhaps a) simply sketches coupled with approximate 
geolocation (GPS assuming I can get a decent fix on a mobile phone) but 
perhaps b) using GPS linked to a laser rangefinder (e.g. identify 
corners of buildings from a distance) or c) sophisticated cameras (3D)? 
I realise that different mappers will be happy with different levels of 
precision but wonder if in the UK how we can balance cost, time and 
accuracy by selecting the best approaches.

Supplementary question, do you include or exclude conservatories, car 
ports etc. from the main structure of the property?

I guess at the back of my mind is what do people perceive as the purpose 
of mapping (hope I have not opened a can of worms).

Any thoughts/suggestions gratefully received


P.S. I am aware of some documentation e.g. 

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