[Talk-GB] Using OSM as a base for my own fictional map?

Martin Wynne martin at templot.com
Fri Jul 24 15:59:29 UTC 2020

I'm looking for some pointers.

I have a dedicated server (located in Ohio, I'm in UK) with full 
controls. I'm fairly confident with web sites and javascript (and 
geometry), but I'm entirely new to online mapping (apart from editing 
OSM in the iD editor).

What I want to do is use OSM as a base map for small areas of the UK, 
but remove entirely all the OSM-derived railway tracks, and replace them 
with my own data. This data would be essentially fictional, not based on 
or derived from anything which is there now. I want to be able to create 
tiles zoomed in far enough to see individual rails and sleepers, with 
each rail as two separate rail edges.

Where would I start to do that? How would I deal with attribution, 
warning unsuspecting users that everything is derived from OSM (and can 
be relied on to the same extent, if any, as any other OSM) EXCEPT the 
railway tracks, which can't?

Many thanks for any help/ideas/suggestions.



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