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Dave Love david.love at oxon.org
Sun Jul 26 13:42:39 UTC 2020

[I found this marked as spam.  It appears to have fallen foul of DMARC,
which I know little about.]

I got the name of the dataset wrong, bother.  It could confuse a stupid
person that the small scale version is VectorMapDistrict and
VectorMapLocal is not a similar thing at large scale.  Apologies, and
thanks for catching it, Phil.

The data I used were from Open Map Local --  I don't have access to the
proprietary data.  (I'm pretty careful about copyright, as a free
software veteran, but obviously less careful about checking I have
names right.)

What's the best way to correct the source information in the relevant
changesets?  I looked at the wiki advice on sparse editing with JOSM
but failed to get anything out of overpass with the queries I tried. 
The source will mainly be on a few changesets, but I may have tagged a
few objects too.  The answer is probably of more general interest; e.g.
I found entries sourced from a university campus map which doesn't
currently have a licence and I should correct as much as possible from
remote local knowledge.
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