[Talk-GB] Admin Boundaries and Combined Authorities

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 27 06:55:35 UTC 2020


On 7/27/20 00:50, Colin Smale wrote:
> If they are accepted as boundary=administrative, what admin level should
> be used? The LAs of which the CAs are composed are sometimes
> Metropolitan Boroughs with admin_level=8, and sometimes Unitary
> Authorities with admin_level=6. I am tending towards admin_level=5; this
> value is/was in use for the Regions, but they no longer have an admin
> function (if they ever had one) so I consider admin level 5 as
> "available" for use by Combined Authorities.

A question that should be considered together with this is: Does/should
England have full coverage (i.e. no "holes") on boundary=administrative
with any admin level above 4?

Situation in many countries is that they "mostly" do on 6, with some
exceptions for city states, capital districts and the like. I have
absolutely no idea how this is in England and won't offer any - just
saying it is worth thinking about. For example, the edit that prompted
this discussion added a boundary=adminsistrative to West Yorkshire,
which until then was a "hole" in the AL6 map.


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