[Talk-GB] New online tool for using FHRS address/postcode data

Gregrs gregrs at fastmail.co.uk
Sun Apr 11 19:57:46 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I've recently released FHODOT (food hygiene open data OpenStreetMap 
tool), which allows mappers to make efficient use of the rich source of 
open address and postcode data provided by the Food Standards Agency, 
particularly through interaction with JOSM.


It's a complete rewrite of and replacement for the old FHRS/OSM 
comparison tool with many improvements, including a better user 
interface, more suggested matches, more efficient manual matching 
through JOSM and automatic parsing of FHRS addresses into addr:* tags.

You can find more information in the README on GitHub 
(https://github.com/gregrs-uk/fhodot/#readme), where the source code is 
also published. There is also a wiki page on FHRS data 

If you map an area without many OSM objects matched to FHRS 
establishments using the fhrs:id tag, the easiest way to get started is 
to use the 'Suggested matches' layer in tandem with JOSM.

Best wishes,

Twitter: @gregrs_uk
PGP key ID: 64907C8A
Fingerprint: EBD1 077F CCDD 841E A505 3FAA D2E8 592E 6490 7C8A

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