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Mon Nov 15 18:24:07 UTC 2021

Can I suggest that you change from using green and red dots, as that 
will cause issues with colourblind users - use a different shape if you 
really must keep the colours.

Let us know when Scotland is available as well :)

On 12/11/2021 20:46, Rob Nickerson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I wrote in September (see [1]) about an address project that OSM UK 
> has kicked off. At the time I noted that one of the questions we 
> needed to answer was which datasets we should use to get a set of 
> "potential address locations" that will then be shown to contributors 
> to help them collect the address information. In short there are two 
> options:
> A. Open UPRN data
> B. Using Cadastral (Land Registry) INSPIRE parcels to split 
> generalised buildings from Ordnance Survey open data, and then taking 
> the centroid of the split building.
> I am pleased to be able to share a map ( 
> https://osm-uk-addresses.russss.dev/ ) showing both of these approaches.
> The map shows:
>   * UPRN points (Green dots)
>   * LR Polygons (Blue areas)
>   * Ordnance Survey split generalised buildings falling within a LR
>     polygon (light brown areas)
>   * The addressable locations from the LR Polygons & OS Buildings
>     approach (Red dots)
>   * The underlying OpenStreetMap map. Note that this means you might
>     see two buildings in some locations: those from OS and those in
>     OSM (grey areas)
> Firstly, please note that the red dots for Scotland are currently 
> missing. Scotland's cadastral parties are published by ROS and will be 
> added to our process early next week.
> Secondly, having reviewed a few areas for the Green and Red dots, we 
> decided that the Red dots (LR Polygons & OS Buildings approach) gives 
> a better set of addressable locations.I use the word "better" very 
> much in a relative way. Neither approach is perfect but our view is 
> that the red points are a little bit closer to what we want. They have 
> fewer false positives which likely matters more. We're keen to get 
> your view - do you agree? disagree?
> Finally, where the red points fall short are in dense city centres and 
> areas with a high concentration of council houses. This is because of 
> a lack of cadastral parcels in these areas (e.g. one large cadastral 
> parcel for the whole area rather than individual cadastral parcels for 
> each home or business unit). We are keen to get your ideas as to how 
> to work around this. So far our ideas are:
>  1. Identify these locations and direct experienced OSMers to them
>     (leaving the easy places for the new mappers we hope to attract)
>     to add the address by ground survey.
>  2. Or same as 1 but instead of the experienced OSMer having to do a
>     ground survey (as might not live locally) allow them to "pull" the
>     green dots through into the final user interface so that local
>     people new to OSM can collect the address. This could be done by
>     adding these to OSM; that is adding points to OSM that just have a
>     UPRN or similar tag at first so that they can be made available in
>     the map editor we are working on.
> Feedback and alternate ideas welcomed. I am particularly keen to know 
> if you support idea 2 as typically we have avoided this in the past. 
> For example we did not add the postcode centroids to OSM. This time we 
> can add an addressable location with a UPRN, city, postcode and/or 
> street name. The final details (house name / number) would then need 
> adding via the crowdsource project.
> I hope this all made sense. If not, I'm happy to answer questions or 
> arrange a virtual meeting.
> [1] 
> https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-gb/2021-September/027669.html 
> Thank you,
> *Rob*
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